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How Do Nerf Guns Work: A Simple Guide to The 4 Types of Blasters

Nerf guns are awesome. That’s a given. But the mechanics behind how they actually work is even more impressive. In this straight-talking explanation, I’m going to talk you through the four main types of Nerf Guns and how they work. Spring Loaded Blasters These blasters contain a powerful spring that when pulled back (or cocked)…

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The Evolution of Nerf: Before The Blaster Came The Ball

Nerf blasters are one of the most iconic toys all time, but did you know the first ever nerf product was conceived in 1969? Let’s take a look back at the colourful history of Nerf products. 1969 Nerf Ball Serial entrepreneur Reyn Guyer invented the iconic Nerf ball in 1969. Having had great success with…

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