Harry Potter Action Figures

Enjoy the Harry Potter characters as Funko Mystery Minis! These collectible action figures come individually packaged in a “blind box”—you’ll have to wait and see which character you get! The mystery is part of the fun, as is the challenge to collect them all, or at least your favorites.

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More about Harry Potter Action Figures

The figures are well-made and durable enough for play (though they’re minis, so keep away from toddlers!). Potter fans will get a kick out of their detailed and expressive faces. Enjoy Albus Dumbledore with his half-moon glasses, Minerva McGonagall in her green robes and black hat, and a grumpy platinum blond Draco Malfoy. Fan-favorite Dobby is also available! He’s portrayed pre-freedom, wearing his old, stained pillow case. But no matter what his legal or clothing status, Dobby will always be remembered as willing to take risks for what he thought was right.

Personally, I’m also a big fan of the various pets and creatures, rendered even more adorable in miniature. Fawkes stands out in fiery red, while Crookshanks’ thick orange coat appears to be unusually well-groomed. If you’re more of a Slytherin, you can hope to collect the fearsome Nagini.