Harry Potter Glasses

Take some Polyjuice Potion, slip these glasses on, and you’ve got the perfect Harry Potter costume! These non-prescription official Harry Potter glasses have metal frames with clear lenses. They’re available in three sizes to fit Potterheads both large and small.

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More about Harry Potter Glasses

In an interview, J.K. Rowling once explained why she chose to write about a bespectacled protagonist: “Because I had glasses all through my childhood and I was sick and tired of the person in the books who wore the glasses was always the brainy one and it really irritated me and I wanted to read about a hero wearing glasses.” And so Harry’s glasses were born!

Throughout the series, the trusty round glasses saw Harry through a lot. Considering how much trouble Harry gets into, they don’t seem to break or fall off all that often. Along with Harry’s lightning bolt scar, the glasses have become one of the most distinctive parts of his appearance—an absolute necessity for any Harry Potter costume!