Harry Potter Hogwarts Wall Mural

Install a window to Hogwarts right in your own home! Just peel and stick the high-quality vinyl decal and transform your room with a view over the castle. Hogwarts glows in soft golden light as an owl in flight approaches you —not a bad view to wake up to every morning!

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More about Harry Potter Hogwarts Wall Mural

This magical faux window isn’t so different from the underground “windows” at the Ministry of Magic, as explained by Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: “Those are enchanted windows. Magical Maintenance decide what weather we’ll get every day. We had two months of hurricanes last time they were angling for a pay rise.”   

There’s no danger of prolonged hurricanes here! Your view is guaranteed to stay pleasant. This stunning window is the perfect addition to any kid’s room, adding splash of magical imagination.

Five sizes are available, to suit any available space: 16.5” x 11”; 25.5” x 17”; 35.5” x 23.5”; 49” x 31.5”; and 60” x 39.5”.