Harry Potter The Monster Book of Monsters

“Hasn’ anyone bin able ter open their books? Yeh’ve got to stroke ‘em.” If you’re anything like Hagrid, you’ll want your own copy of The Monster Book of Monsters. This replica is an exact to-scale copy of the prop in the third film, complete with beady eyes, matted brown fur, fangs, and a forked tongue.

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 The craftsmanship in this book makes it a true collector’s item. At a size of 12” x 9.25” and a whopping 14 pounds, this replica is ideal for adorning your coffee table. Imagine the look on Muggle visitors’ faces when they catch their first glimpse of this grizzly tome!

The Monster Book of Monsters comes with an additional gift, the leatherette-bound Harry Potter: The Creature Vault, a limited edition look behind the scenes: see concept illustrations of magical creatures, learn about the making of the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, and enjoy the removable posters!

Armed with your very own copy of the Monster Book, what’s to stop you from enrolling in Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class, or even following in the footsteps of dragon expert Charlie Weasley?