Harry Potter Playing Cards

When you’re playing cards in the Wizarding World, this is the deck to use! Printed with a variety of images, these cards feature the artifacts and creatures of the Harry Potter series. Flip them over to find a peaceful image of Hogwarts Castle under a full moon on the back.

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More about Harry Potter Playing Cards

These cards measure 2.5” x 3.5” and have a textured linen-type finish that makes them non-slippery and easy to use. Images include everything from the Triwizard Cup and the Knight Bus to the Marauder’s Map and Fluffy the three-headed dog! If you’re a Quidditch player, dragon tamer, or wandlore expert, you’re in luck! You’ll find plenty to hold your interest within this deck. Did your favorite characters and items from the Potter series get chosen?

The color scheme of the deck is fairly muted, with beigey backgrounds resembling parchment and images taken right from the Potter films. It’s a palette that fits right in with the magical world—perfect for playing in the candlelight or in the glow of a simmering cauldron of Felix Felicis!