Harry Potter Snuggie

The most comfortable Gryffindor robes available! This soft snuggie blanket with sleeves comes in black, printed with the classic crimson and gold scarf. It’s perfect for Potterheads on their day off. Just curl up and lounge by the fire in Gryffindor common room with your beloved Harry Potter characters and a flask of pumpkin juice.

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More about Harry Potter Snuggie

Imagine how much better a rainy afternoon will be when you’re lounging around Potter-style. Set the right mood with this soft, cozy snuggie! Stay warm whether you’re studying at home, recovering from a case of the dragon pox, or simply enjoying a well-deserved lazy day. It’s also the perfect accessory for hosting a casual party with impeccable Gryffindor flair. Throw a Harry Potter-themed sleepover—maybe a movie marathon with butterbeer?—and wrap yourself in your cozy snuggie for maximum comfort.

The Harry Potter snuggie is just as low-maintenance as you are! It’s machine washable and one size fits most (48” x 71”).