Harry Potter Wizards Chess Set

Time to channel your inner Ron Weasley in a battle of wits, cunning, and strategy! This wizard chess set is designed to look just like Professor McGonagall’s enchanted set in the first Potter film. Luckily, these pieces don’t actually smash each other to bits, so there’s no need for magical clean-up in between games.

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More about Harry Potter Wizards Chess Set

The Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set comes with sturdy plastic pieces, each measuring between 2” and 4” in height, and an 18.5 x 18.5” playing board. The finely detailed pieces include: knights on rearing horses, sinisterly pensive queens, armored bishops holding their croziers aloft, and hunkered-down pawns grimly awaiting battle.

Deftly command your pieces around the board to outsmart your opponent—and don’t be afraid of taking risks. After all, as Ron himself would say, “That’s chess! You’ve got to make some sacrifices!”

Both decorative and functional, this set adds a little magic to your chess matches. It makes a great addition to Potter-themed parties and a fantastic gift for fans looking to own an iconic piece of the wizarding world. Chess fans can even recreate the famous Philosopher’s Stone chess match!