10 Nerf Gun Safety Tips to Give Parents Peace of Mind

As a parent, it’s only natural to want to find out more about how nerf guns work, and just how safe they actually are.

Kids get up to a lot when our backs are turned, so our responsibility to keep them out of harm’s way is huge.

In this short guide, I’m going to share with you some very straightforward and logical tips to keep your kids safe while using a Nerf gun.

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Nerf Gun Safety Tips

1) Nerf darts are made out of foam and cleverly designed not to hurt. However with an area as sensitive as eyes, don’t take any risks and ensure your child wears safety googles

2) To help reinforce tip one, set rules such as ‘no shots to the face’

3) Warn your child to never look down the barrel

4) Advise them to never leave their Nerf gun lying around fully loaded, younger hands could find it

5) Hasbro advise that you should never modify Nerf guns. I’m quite a fan of the cosmetic modifications carried out by professional designers; however I don’t recommend performance modifications (i.e. making the blasters more powerful) when kids are using them. As a parent, just be vigilant if your child is talking about adding a stronger spring or upping the voltage

6) Don’t allow them to modify the darts either, as this could hurt the recipient

7) During gameplay teach your child to keep the gun pointed down and finger off the trigger, until they’re ready to aim and fire

8) Educate them on animal cruelty and tell them to never use them as targets; it’s cruel

9) Nerf wars should be carried out in safe environments. What look like great settings, such as abandoned buildings or old railway tracks, could be dangerous. Trespassing could also get your kids into lots of trouble.

10) Follow Hasbro’s age restriction limits, they’re there for a reason. Most Nerf guns are either 6 or 8+nerf gun gogglesMore and more these days, people question whether we should allow our kids to play with toy guns at all. Some say it encourages a gun culture, while others instantly point the finger when an atrocity happens.

Everyone is entitled to their own view, so I thought I’d share with you mine…

Some of the most wonderful memories I have as a kid are getting a group of friends together and heading into the woods near my house. Hours later of fun later, we’d return home to discuss our epic Nerf battle.

Whether you’re a kid or a grown adult, Nerf blasters represent freedom, fun and imagination. Before we’re so quick to thwart that out of fear, let’s help our children grow up to be good, educated people so none of the bad aspects of real gun use ever enter our lives.

Help them know the difference between gameplay and reality, and value difference between war and peace.

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