3 New Pokémon Games were just announced – Get Excited!

Nintendo just dropped some amazing announcements! On June 6th, Nintendo decided to stream another Nintendo Direct. While it was a brief, 8-minute affair, Nintendo announced several exciting games Pokémon fans can be looking forward to! With E3 in full-swing, it’s possible we’ll be seeing more of these games over the next few days.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Last year Pokémon Sun and Moon won over old fans with interesting variations of fan-favorite Kanto Pokémon, and created many new fans that had yet to experience a full-on Pokémon RPG. Nintendo just announced a retelling of this critically acclaimed game. While details are scarce, it’s tradition for Pokémon games to be released and slightly updated with new Pokémon to be found, changed routes, and a tweaked story.

Sometimes the updates have added minor details, other times though, as in the case of Leaf Green and Ruby Red, they have added entire areas to the game and greatly expanded upon the Pokémon story. Coming November 17th, 2017, what we do know is that Ultra Sun and Ultra moon will offer an alternate take on the story and show Pokémon previously unavailable in Sun and Moon. Hopefully they will also add more Alola forms since those variations are some of the best aspects of Sun and Moon!

Pokken DX

While just a couple months old, the Nintendo Switch is ramping up production of new games and has announced its first Pokémon game! While we all have waited our entire lives for a real full-on Pokémon game on a major console, Nintendo has managed to quell the fanbase by doing the occasionally spin-off. Last week Pokken Tournament DX (Deluxe) was announced through a life-action video that tugs at the heart strings and shows how community can be found through Pokémon.

We’ve all travelled the world looking for our mysterious brother just to play some Pokémon, right? For those who don’t know, Pokken is a mixture of the words Pokémon and Tekken. Pokken takes some of the more powerful Pokémon (Mewtwo anyone?) and puts them in an arena to brawl in real-time. The gorgeous epic fights and fun pace make Pokken a great fighting game. You actually get to see the Pokemon in action, thrashing each other and having epic battles.

Rather than just release Pokken Tournament on a new system, Pokken is being revamped and new features added. Set for a September 22nd Release, Pokken will have several new Pokémon as well! The Switch version includes Dark Rai, Scizor, Empoleon, and Croagnk as well as Dicidueye, a recent addition from Sun and Moon. Adding to this, Nintendo has doubled down on community and interconnectivity. Pokken tournament DX comes with ranked online play, 3v3 team battles, and the option to play your friends in a private friend-only group match! Being the Switch, they don’t stop at internet fun. You can play docked on a TV or without the docking station for some same screen joy-con brawl time.

Study up for Pokken Tournament DX by getting used to the Wii-U version and watching IGN’s review from last year:

Pokemon Gold and Silver!

Years ago the sequel to Pokémon Red and Blue arrived, it was a beloved game where you travelled the new Johto region and even returned to Kanto years after Red. Viridian forest cut down, the world changed. Gold and Silver was an interesting social commentary and deep game, despite being primitive in graphics.

On September 22nd, you can relive those memories or make new ones by downloading Pokémon Gold and Silver from the 3DS Virtual Console. Like most ports, little is changed, but one exciting feature is that the Pokémon bank works. Now capturing Ho-oh is far easier as you can important that crazy Rainbow bird into your modern Sun and Moon game!

Venturebeat did a great article on why Gold and Silver matter that can be found below!


That’s it for now, but more comes VERY SOON…

Thanks for joining us as we cover the last Nintendo Direct. This week E3 ramps up and Nintendo is sure to bring some new games to light. Hopefully more information will come out on these Pokémon games and maybe even some new titles. Be sure to check back regularly for Pokémon news and deep articles that cover the incredible world of Pokémon!

Until next time, be your very best trainers!

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