3D Crystal Pokeballs

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside of a Pokeball? Do you have a favorite Pokémon that you are itching to display? Well, these might not have the full furniture set that Pikcachu lounges on during his off time but these beautiful crystal Pokeballs contain a 3D model of your favorite Pokémon!

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More about 3D Crystal Pokeballs

This unique artistic work comes with a light-up custom LED base colored to match the Pokémon type. Not only are these an incredible display piece, they offer custom Pokémon orders meaning you can get your favorite and most obscure creatures.  Each one contains a VERY detailed rendition of a Pokémon hovering within the Pokeball. They offer current up to date models as well from the most recent games (Alola forms anyone?) Whether it’s a Blue water-type like Squirtle or a Purple Ghost-type like Gengar, each Pokeball lights up to highlight characteristics unique to the Pokémon inside. It is a great idea for a gift for the Pokefan in your life or an awesome way to make your desk a bit more eye-catching/ This is the ultimate fan item for showing devotion to the world’s greatest game universe. Nothing beats being able to display your favorite Pokémon in stunning glory!