Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: a thought-provoking podcast explores what the boy wizard can tell us about life

Since its emergence 20 years ago, Harry Potter has sparked endless discussion, from casual conversations among friends to formal academic analysis. Potterheads have written countless essays and editorials for Scribbulus on virtually every topic within the Wizarding World, from Voldemort’s soul to “Dumbledorian Ethics.” Harry Potter has also made it onto university syllabi. Professors teach…

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How to Make Your Vacation Even More Magical? Travel Like a Wizard!

Immerse yourself fully in the world of hippogriffs, magical castles, and spell-casting by choosing a Harry Potter theme for your next vacation. In recent years, growing numbers of travelers have set out in pursuit of more memorable, immersive travel experiences. Popular travel bloggers like Nomadic Matt suggest traveling with a theme: “Instead of just trying…

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Can fan-made film Voldemort: Origins of the Heir live up to the hype?

A new trailer for the fan-made film Voldemort: Origins of the Heir has been generating massive hype: it’s “unbelievably cool,” “jaw-dropping,” with the potential to be “even better than Fantastic Beasts.” Produced by indie film company Tryangle Films, the project may be a non-profit gift to fans, but it has the high-quality production and slick…

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