Custom Pokémon Cards

Are you bummed that your wee little pet isn’t able to shoot fire out of its mouth? Has your puppy been deemed incapable of fighting in a Pokémon tournament for far too long? What if I told you, that your pet could be a Pokémon? It’s time to immortalize the fluff butt.

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More about Custom Pokémon Cards

Hand drawn by Stephanie Parcus, she works individually with clients to craft the ultimate Pokémon tribute. Taking a photo of your beloved pet, (Which can include humans. Take that as you will) Stephanie crafts a Pokémon card with custom attacks, weaknesses, strengths, flavor text, and art. The transformation takes a simple pet photo and turns it into an iconic work of art and a testament to the raw unbridled power of your cat. Or Goldfish. She can even do goldfish.. Maybe you have a friend who loves Pokémon and would love this gift, or maybe you’ve been trying to express the depths of your own pet and his bizarre tendency to eat socks. A custom made Pokémon card is a stellar option to make your unforgettable pet legendary. We’re serious, you can even make them into a Legendary Pokémon. Do your buddy a solid, make him into a card that will stand the test of time!