Snag Legendary Sun and Moon Pokemon Tapu Koko for Free by August 14th!

This month Nintendo is celebrating Pokefans by giving away giving away a unique shiny version of the electric-fairy type Pokemon Tapu Koko.

What is Tapu Koko and why would you want it? Well, first of all, it’s a rare SHINY Pokemon. That alone makes most trainers run out to get it! (If you don’t know what a Shiny Pokemon is, click here!)

Pokemon Sun/Moon has an intriguing story involving some mythical deity like Pokemon that protect the various islands of the Alola region. Tapu Koko is one of these deity and appears first after defeating the Elite Four of the Alola region. So, it’s an end-game, you are good at Sun and Moon Pokemon, not something you can just load up and catch. Making several appearances in both “Alola to New Adventure! “and “The Guardian’s Challenge! Tapu Koko has became a relatively well known legendary Pokemon in both the main series game, recent anime, and even the Manga!

A hovering god-like being, Koko is very curious and in the anime approaches Ash and Pikachu to teach them some new moves. Not only is this Pokemon rare, Nintendo has supported Koko by giving in game clothing for trainers, selling Koko plush, and recently adding it to the Guardians Rising Trading Card Game Expansion.

Tapu Koko falls into the same category as three other Pokemon, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini. All of them are known as the Land Spirit Pokemon and guard a specific island within the Alola region. Tapu Koko is the guardian of Melemele and despite being a guardian seems somewhat disinterested in the role. Instead of helping every single person possible, Koko is quite selective and seems to be a bit mischievous or aloof. Tapu Koko has a unique look, mimicking the cultural masks of a Hawaiian culture, it appears to have a mask that gives it the same look as a floating bird head (It actually is a somewhat artistic take on a rooster). Bulbapedia has a great breakdown in detail of the moves and characteristics of Koko.

While it’s possible to catch this genderless Pokemon in the base game, Koko is exceedingly hard to capture (With a base catch rate of 0.4%) and the fastest Fairy Pokemon as of now. Fun fact, some theorize the name Koko actually comes from the onomatopoeia of a Rooster call. It’s a no-brainer to take the time to get this rare, exotic Legendary. It has a unique moveset and is stunning on the battlefield, and best of all, it’s free!

To get the free Tapu Koko, you need to simply go to the main menu and select the mystery gift option by August 14th! That gives you 30 days to get a unique shiny Pokemon! Don’t miss out on this free Legendary Pokemon, as it is not only difficult to catch but this edition is completely different looking and shiny!

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