How to Draw Pokémon Step By Step Book

Seeing other people’s Pokémon art isn’t good enough for you? Long to bring some creative life to beloved Pokémon? This step-by-step book by famed Children author Tracey West shows even the youngest artist how to draw 16 incredible Pokémon. And yes, it does show you how to draw Pikachu!

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From anime to Video Games, Pokémon has taken innumerable forms, yet some long for a bit more ownership with the things they love. This Pokémon art book walks through the basic steps to take a blank sheet of paper and create beautiful art. Not content to just show Pokémon, this book eschews still-life drawings for some mobile action packed pieces. Battle scenes like Pikachu shooting lightning or Gyarados emerging from his watery home are made simple and easy to draw through the step by step principles laid out by Tracy West. Standing the test of time, this classic work has taught kids throughout the years to take a pen to the world of Kanto and Johto. This book doesn’t just stop at Pokémon either, some of the most treasured characters are listed with step-by-step drawing patterns. You can draw the most famous Pokémon while Ash Ketchum as well. No better time than now to pick it up and dive into your passion of art!