Pikachu Dog Costume

We know that if you could’ve had a Pikachu instead of a dog it would have been an easy sell. Ok, maybe you love your dog enough to have picked the puppy over an electric mouse, but don’t you ever wish the little guy looked a bit more like a Pokemon?

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More about Pikachu Dog Costume

This cozy fleece pull-over from PetitDogApparel gives man’s best friend the most adorable makeover in the animal kingdom! With this pull-over fleece, your dog will be the king of the dog park, transforming into the most iconic and beloved Pokemon of all time. Not only does this hoodie keep your furry pal stylish and warm during the winter months, it quickly wins neighborhood costume contests and gives massive instagram cred. Granted your dog probably won’t throw lightning at you, but that’s usually a good thing. A wonderful costume piece, you and friends can be delighted as you see Pikachu scuttling by IRL. This isn’t a chintzy old knock-off either. Stitched with an eye for durability, and running from XXS to XL Plus, these HANDMADE costumes are designed to last. It’s also great for adventurous dogs that like to run off. Nothing says “YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME!” like Pikachu yellow in the distance.