Pikachu Onsie

Pikachu! Who wouldn’t want to wear his fur around town like a glamorous model? This is the ULTIMATE onesie for an adorable take on everyone’s favorite Pokémon. Cosplay, Spirit week, Bachelor party, these formality eschewing suits are popping up every and showing a bit of play with a loads of comfort!

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More about Pikachu Onsie

A favorite of those who thrive on Nostalgia or those vying for the ultimate Hipster Irony, the adult onesie is becoming an iconic staple of modern fashion. Some even celebrate onesie Wednesday, making the onesie a regular part of weekly ritual. This super soft flannel onesie is made from the plushest material. Able to hold in warmth as pajamas while looking fly for parties, this is the perfect accoutrement for lovers of all things Pokémon. This onesie isn’t just a flat pajama suit, it comes with the floppy mouse ears of Pikachu and an adorable tail to boot. With a button up front, Yimidear manages to make an incredibly comfortable product that is both hip and practical. It’s not just for adults too! The perfect gift for that Pokémon fan at home, buy a matching set and walk around the house together playing live-action Pokémon! After all, we ALL love a little Pikachu.