Pikachu Pokémon Slippers

Whether it’s at a wedding or in the living room, cold feet are the worst!  Nothing says comfort like a pair of plush slippers. Better yet, these slippers celebrate everyone’s favorite Pokémon. Have your little one enjoy warm toes and a little Pokémon fun in these high-quality Pikachu slippers!

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More about Pikachu Pokémon Slippers

Trying to save your carpet from Tennis Shoe stains and messy feet? Training a young one to take shoes off at the door and treat the home well can be such a challenge. Sometimes though, a product comes along that provides a bit more incentive to behave. Made with cotton and plush material, these child size slippers are sure to make coming inside after a long play session or ramping up for bedtime a comfortable treat! Everyone hates taking shoes off at the door, but with a pair of Pikachu styled slippers your child can walk around cheerful and dressed to impress like a true Pokémon Master. Cute and fashionable, these slippers are the perfect gift for that Pokémon trainer at home who lives and breathes all things Pokémon. Why not pick up a few for those wee little guests that are always stopping in? It will save your floor and elevate you from parent to hero status in no time!