Pokeball Bath Bombs

Whimsical, indulgent, relaxing. Sometimes life requires a little bit of play and a bit of class. These Pokeball shaped bath bombs are the perfect item to take the edge off while celebrating your favorite world. It’s not just an incredible way to unwind though, nestled deep inside each Pokeball is a prize!

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More about Pokeball Bath Bombs

Life gets messy. Whether its working long hours or bad news, we all need a little rest sometimes. The perfect item for a Pokémon fan, these Bath bombs turn R&R giddy and memorable. Designed to relax muscles and make your skin feel soft and moisturized, these wonderful little treasures make bath time just a little bit more fun. Drop them into a warm bath and they begin to fizz and melt, exploding with vibrant color and smelling delightful. Whether its Cherry Vanilla, the floral fruity blend, or the crisp coastal tones, these Bath bombs take a normal bath and turn it transcendent. The fun doesn’t stop there though, inside every Pokeball bomb is a little Pokemon as well. A perfect gift for the Pokemon fan in your life, or the child that hates bath time. Drop one of these in the water and an everyday activity becomes a splendid escape from the day to day!