Pokéball Phone Charger

Charging a phone can be such a chore. Especially if you are headed out for a day or so. It’s easy to find yourself phone dead, out of the loop, and looking for outlets. That’s where the world’s greatest Pokeball comes into play. It’s a Pokeball that also charges your devices!

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More about Pokéball Phone Charger

Battery packs are one of the most glorious items to recently enter the tech world. For years, it was just accepted that if your phone died and you didn’t have access to an outlet you were splash out of luck. Then came battery packs. No longer did mankind have to sit on long boring airplane rides with a dead phone or tablet. This Pokeball themed charger looks fantastic, and is designed to be strapped to your belt. With awesome looking LED lighting, a 10,000mAh capacity, and a sleek stylish design, this Pokeball is the best accessory you could have for treating your phone right! Don’t get caught off guard with a dead phone, bored or in the worse case scenario, without a GPS on a sad lonely road. If you love your phone, you feed it when it’s hungry, and this is the perfect option for the on the go person!