Pokéball Shift Knob

For all you who drive manual and can’t live without speed, shifting is EVERYTHING. And if you just happen to, oh I don’t know, LOVE Pokémon then you need this Pokéball shift knob in your life. It’s the ultimate geeky accessory to get you from one gym to the next.

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More about Pokéball Shift Knob

The car is a Sanctum to those who love driving and everything inside tells a story. Some take the car seriously, decking it out with favored items. Others, take a bit more irreverent and whimsical approach. This is for them. This Gear shift is shaped like a classic Pokeball and not only looks great but FEELS great. For a Gear Shift it adds a bit of flavor to the car while reminding you of how awesome Pokémon is. Seriously, everyone loves Pokémon. With a sharp design and some serious gloss, this Pokeball themed Gear Shift is perfect for a Pokémon fan with a need for speed. This smooth Acrylic piece is designed to fit a HUGE variety of cars whether it’s a Mazda, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, Scion, Kia or many others. The perfect gift for that speedster I your life. Also if someone has a Pikachu Yellow Volkswagen, this is a required purchase. Seriously.