Pokémon Action Figures

Forget augmented reality. Try reality! This pack of 144 Pokémon Action Figures comes with a random assortment of the world’s best pocket monsters. Perfect for your office or man cave, kit your desk out by collecting them all.

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More about Pokémon Action Figures

We all fall in love with our toys as a kid. Some of those toys stay with us for years, offering unlimited playtime and imaginary journeys. Have a child in at home? No shame if you are that child. These Pokémon Action Figures are a simple and inexpensive way to have some sweet Pokémon themed toys in the toy chest. If you just want to have over a hundred Pokémon set up at your desk while you work or intend for these to be playtime companions for the wee one, there’s no better purchase than DOZENS of Pokémon. A bit like playing the lottery, every order comes with 144 toys, each one clocking in at around an inch in size. These also make great random party favors for the next birthday bash! Pick this bundle up and see what you get, maybe you’ll end up with your favorite or some gnarly legendaries to dabble with.