Pokémon Bookmarks

Do you love to snag some smiles and show the playful nature of Pokémon to everyone you encounter? Placing a bookmark into a well-worn novel is a good example of a moment in life destined to be forgotten. Yet these adorable little bookmarks make those little moments something to remember.

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More about Pokémon Bookmarks

Pokémon butts. Or as they say in the Corgi world, Pokémon Momos. These little behinds result in giggling from strangers and elated fans. Custom-made in the Ukraine, Pokémon bookmarks are the perfect gift for the Pokémon loving bookworm in the family. Or to treat yourself! With five custom designs, you can choose between Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Meowth, and Eevee as they take on the sacred duty of guarding your place in literature. Fine workers in Kiev handcraft these from Polymer Clay, Plastic, and Metal and then paint them in acrylics with a semi-gloss finish. The end product results in the glorious application of using Pokémon butts to manage reading inventory and pop smiles onto the faces of those around you. Whether you always lose your place when reading or have a fanatical cousin who loves Pokémon, pick one up for the librarian in your family!