Pokémon Bra

Going to an edgy Halloween party? Have a little wild side in your love life? Some items are one of a kind and this bra is no exception. Based on the sweet and lovable Jigglypuff (I’m sure there’s no correlation), this bra is great for cosplay or a chuckle around the house.

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More about Pokémon Bra

Custom-made, you can be sure that no one else will have a product quite like this. We really mean that. They have a corner on the Jigglypuff bra market. This costume piece is personally hand painted to look like the iconic Jiggly Puff.  Light Weight and hand-crafted, each bra is made to order and padded for comfort. Coming in three sizes with adjustable straps, to fit a wide range of body types. This item will leave the lover in your life speechless or make that fan convention a bit livelier. Best of yet, while Jigglypuff is the main attraction, for a small fee of $10 other Pokémon can be crafted as well (Voltorb anyone?). If have a saucy boudoir photo shoot or just love a geeky punk outfit, this bra is sure to make the experience memorable. Take a moment and think about picking this up. It might be the start of some exotic new adventures!