Pokemon DIY Papercraft

This isn’t your father’s Origami. Papercraft has evolved and it is beautiful! These adorable Papercraft Pokémon can be created by anyone with just a few sheets of colored paper. Instead of a pre-made item, this template enables you to make unlimited copies of the most iconic Pokémon. When you buy this, you are buying knowledge!

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More about Pokemon DIY Papercraft

Sometimes a desk piece comes along that makes people stop and say, “Woah!” Using paper to create polygonal models of the most beloved starter Pokémon from Red and Blue, this set of DIY Pokémon Models comes with templates for Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Modern, Aesthetically pleasing, absolutely stunning. As a piece of art, this DIY work shows you love Pokémon with a little bit of class. Start making beautiful art to show off to friends now or perhaps save this as a rainy-day project to do with family. With clear concise instructions, this DIY set comes with 4 PDF’s that outline the process from buying supplies to creating an incredible new display piece. Whether you want to make 1 Pikachu or an entire tribe of them, this instruction kit will let you craft those elusive starter Pokémon for years to come!