Pokémon Dress

Going out? Want to turn some heads and tell the world that you love Pokémon? Identifying who around us who share the same loves and interests can be such a challenge. To do that fashionably is even more challenging. Not anymore, look good and tell everyone what you love with this little black pokedress!

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More about Pokémon Dress

Dabbled with some of the cutest Pokémon, this black dress is a great party dress for any Pokémon related event. Or for the bold and the brave, a strong statement about what matters most to you and who you are. Filled with Pokémon such as Squirtle, Pikachu, Charmander, and even Meowth, this dress can make a typical Pokémon Go walk into an all-out adventure. Bust this dress out for special occasions like Comic-con, going to the movies, or Halloween and look a bit elegant as you proclaim your love for Pokémon. This dress is made from cotton and with a sheer polyester crop top to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Best of all, it is Handmade, so you can guarantee this will be a one of a kind fashion statement wherever you go. So live a little, be bold, put something on that tells the world who you are.