Pokemon Engagement Ring

Did you meet her playing Pokémon Go? Did you spend hours together playing Pokemon Sun and Moon? Love is strange sometimes, and we never know when it will strike. This beautiful, custom made engagement ring is a playful, yet elegant gift for capturing the heart of your beloved.

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More about Pokemon Engagement Ring

Made for the ULTIMATE Pokémon fan, a fusion between a traditional engagement ring and Pokemon. This ring adds an adorable little Pikachu next to the traditional Diamond. Handmade and available in Silver or 10k and 14k White Gold, few rings are as unique as this. Whether it is an expression of love for Video Games, or a love for Pokémon, this ring celebrates love with an audacious level of whimsy. The cute iconic mascot of Pokémon joyfully waves from beside the ring, tiny, almost imperceptible, and yet proclaiming a love for all things Pokémon. If you have fond memories trouncing around neighborhoods and collecting Pokemon, this engagement ring might be the item that symbolizes taking your relationship to the next level while remind you of the common interests that spurred love on in the first place. After all, all the good trainers know that the best and most difficult catch is the One!