Pokémon Glass Pipe

I know it’s not a grass Pokémon, but it’ll do! Yes. Just an everyday dragon… while legal reasons may prevent this iconic character from being named *Cough* Charizard *Cough* this epic fiery pipe is sure to bring a grin to all of your friends who love fire-type Pokémon blazes.

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More about Pokémon Glass Pipe

These hand-crafted pipes are created from Super Sculpey Polymer, hand painted to look like the iconic king of dragons and then coated in a glossy finish. Yet, it’s embarrassing when everyone on the block has the same art piece. Not gonna happen here! This isn’t a mass-produced item, every single pipe is lovingly crafted by Paul, the owner of Pokeland. This pipe comes in two models, Glass and Metal. The glass model has dazzling flames coming off of the back and front that look even more amazing when smoke is billowing forth. The Nickel pipe takes a backseat to the art of Charizard himself as it lays stoic behind the beautiful looking Dragon King. This is the perfect tribute to those 420 homies who love Pokémon and just being super chill. And if Charizard doesn’t get you lit, check out the Pokeland store and the other Pokémon themed pipes that Paul puts out!