Pokemon Go to Add Legendary Pokemon this Weekend!

Trainers everywhere got the confirmation they were hoping for this morning when Niantic announced the first official appearance of a Legendary will be this weekend at GO Fest! Along with a stellar video, Niantic celebrated the one year anniversary of GO by announcing that during the event trainers will rally together to defeat a legendary pokemon. If it is defeated, then the Legendary will start appearing across the world! Keep up to date on the event by using the hashtag #PokemonGOFest and watching them on Twitch this weekend!

For those who don’t know yet, in just a few days Pokemon Go is launching its first real-world event following its incredible success. This week Pokemon Go received a minor update that added some bonus features to the game. Most of these are designed for helping trainers have a more enjoyable experience. For starters, you no longer have to walk to a Gym to feed berries to your Pokemon, you can now teleport to the Gym and feed them. These quality of life updates are great but on the eve of the large Pokemon event in Chicago, it is pretty clear that Pokemon Go is ramping up for something huge!

The Silph Road, famous for datamining any update to Pokemon Go recently perused the data files of the most recent update. Besides a couple more references to Event settings, Silph found the foundational structure for Legendaries is being put into place. Moreover, they may finally be able to complete the original Pokedex! (151 Pokemon) With Go Fest only a few days away, it is clear that Niantic wants to make a huge impression. At launch, several of the original Pokemon were missing and unfortunately the addition of Johto Pokemon hasn’t added in those that are unavailable. If you are curious, here is a list of Pokemon available at launch. Approximately five of them have yet to be released.

Silph found data files suggesting that both Legendary and Mythic Pokemon will be available at some point and some messages pointing towards keeping the use of special Pokemon heavily controlled. Art for warning messages that point towards being unable to trade and use them at Gyms was found,  This is keeping with tradition as Legendary Pokemon have always been somewhat kept from tournament play so as to not make the games unbalanced. Pokemon like Moltres and Mewtwo are exceedingly powerful and could easily make a tournament or duel far too unfair. Not allowing Legendary Pokemon to be traded also gives a powerful motivator for those trying to catch them all to be incredibly active during key Pokemon events.  

You can read more about what Silph found here! Silph is a great resource to see what is new in GO and what is coming up!

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