Pokémon Gym Badges

Whether it’s your boo, pet, or a high-level Charizard, nothing is more frustrating than lacking the proper Gym badges! We have a fix! This set of 8 Gym badges from your favorite region of the Pokémon universe will show that you are indeed a true Pokémon Master!

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More about Pokémon Gym Badges

Lacking the right credentials makes proving how much of a Pokémon Master you are quite difficult. Made out of metal alloy, these custom-made badges are designed accurate to the Pokémon Anime. If you think Pokémon Red and Blue is the best in the series or if you love the journey to Hoenn, with these badges give you the street cred you need. Currently Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, and Sinnoh are offered and each set comes in a beautiful Pokémon themed gift box, perfect for displaying. An excellent gift for any Pokémon fan, each is equipped with a butterfly clutch so they can be pinned to clothing and shown off to others as well. So before you go Cosplay as Ash or Misty, pick these badges up! They are a wonderful addition to any collection. And It’s probably time you got enough badges to train that Charmeleon in your life.