Pokémon Panties

We all need to wear underwear. Yet, isn’t it wonderful to think that your most intimate moments can be brimming with identity and celebration? That you can look in the mirror and celebrate who you are and what you love? These fashionable panties are designed for those who absolutely LOVE all things Pokémon.

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More about Pokémon Panties

OK, some parts of life are private. We get that. Still nothing feels better than keeping a secret (Well, maybe sharing secrets as well). Coming in four styles with hilariously cute faces and adorable bottoms, celebrate your favorite Pokémon by wearing some Pokémon themed underwear! With Snorlax, Eevee, Jigglypuff, and Gengar styles, these modern pantaloons are brimming with character. From the expected snores of Snorlax to the fluffy tail of Eevee, no Pokémon outfit is complete without a little hidden swag! Not only are these panties stylish, they are handmade and unique (To be fair, that probably didn’t need to be stated). A perfect way to add a dash of Pokémon into everyday life or a wonderful accessory for Cosplay (If you are going to dress the part, might as well go all the way!) So if you love all things Pokémon, be a little bold and add some secret swag to your collection!