Pokémon Phone Case

Gotta drop ‘em all?! Seriously, phones are slippery and iPhones tend to hit the ground and shatter at a moment’s notice. That means you need a case that can protect your phone. The best part is with this Pokémon themed Phone Case your Phone doesn’t have to look bad while wearing its armor!

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More about Pokémon Phone Case

Coming in two Pokémon themed styles, these cases conjure up smiles wherever you are and look fantastic when you are playing Pokémon Go! Choose between the traditional Pokeball color pattern, or our personal favorite, a Pokedex themed pattern! This case is designed for the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and made to protect it through some pretty severe drops. At under $10, it’s an incredible value as well. The exterior is made from hardened Polycarbonate to give it a strong, sturdy feel, while also being non-slip. We all know holding iPhones can be like holding onto a greased pig. As a premium quality case, it has a thin lip to secure the phone while also managing to have excellent design that allows all buttons to function comfortably. If you have butterfingers, or a naked phone. Invest in this case, it is FAR cheaper than repairing a broken screen, and looks sweet too!