Pokémon Pikachu Backpack

Aww, grade school, a time when the biggest swag you carried was the backpack. A backpack can be bold, ridiculous, and totally you in any situation. That’s why if you have a child at home, it’s important to let him be himself with a unique status symbol like this Pikachu backpack!

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More about Pokémon Pikachu Backpack

Being a Pokémon fan is in style! There is no better time to rep Pikachu on the playground! The perfect gift for a young one who is glued to a screen watching Pokémon all day, this Pikachu backpack is lively, unique, and sturdy despite having big floppy ears! With side Velcro pockets and a front zipper pocket, this will take care of all your child’s needs while look sweet! Not only is this backpack an awesome addition to the Pokémon themed collection at home, for a bit more, it can be personalized with a name or phrase! As a unique item, it’s not likely to get mixed up with other backpacks but it is an awesome way to proclaim who the fashionista is on the jungle gym. Made from 100% polyester, it’s sure to withstand the day to day blows inflicted upon it. There is no better time than now to take a moment and make your kids day complete by picking up this awesome backpack!