Pokémon Pipe

Why not? He is a grass Pokémon after all! Few things are as trippy as the world of Pokémon. Rats that shoot lightning. Lizards with flaming tales. And a talking cat that is always broke (Relate, much?) Make your friends green with envy when you pull out this stellar Pokémon themed pipe.

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More about Pokémon Pipe

Made from ceramic, this custom pipe is designed to be hardy and last through years of continued use (After all, we find ceramic pottery from thousands of years ago all the time) This pipe won’t burn out or wear away from use (Just don’t drop it)! A hardy investment, you can get a chuckle and some good selfies by pulling this out at parties and festivals for friends. Not only is this a unique pipe, but it has a ton of character. Every pipe looks a little bit different as they are custom made and crafted individually. This gives your Bulbasaur blaze kit a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Designed for an enjoyable but powerful drag, this pipe is comedic as well as functional. So take a moment and pick this up, it’s an incredible value for years of laughs and some new memories.