Pokémon Pokeball Grinder

We’re going to assume this is for your kitchen *ahem*. Celebrate your love of Pokémon with this sweet PokeBall designed grinder. Whether its entertaining guests or letting your inner child thrive, this grinder takes a boring task and makes it fun and nostalgic.

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More about Pokémon Pokeball Grinder

Do you know a budding chef or recently got the itch to start taking your dishes a step further? Spice is a crucial component to cooking, but just like in cooking, presentation is key! This 3 Piece spice grinder takes a common kitchen item and makes it shine with character. With brilliant red and a simple design, it nestles comfortably into most kitchen set-ups. Ok, let’s be honest. Not everybody grinds just spice, that’s why this Pokeball can catch more than just Paprika! This Herb Grinder is multi-function with a compartment for separating kief at the bottom. The 3 piece Pokeball has compartments that are easy to clean and made of lightweight aluminum so that this item can help you cook spicy meals for years to come!  For those who are serious about cooking and catching them all, this is the ultimate kitchen utensil!