Pokémon Pokeball Ring

Jewellery tells people about who you are. It makes a statement about you as a person. For some it says “Money, money, money.” For others, it says “I’m a simple kind of man.” But what type of Jewellery screams, “I’m a Pokémon master?” Tell the world who you are with this classy customized Pokémon Ring!

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More about Pokémon Pokeball Ring

Designed to look like a traditional Pokeball, this ring tells the world you are a Pokémon fan while subtly showing a bit of flair. Handmade in sterling silver with a Moissanite stone, this ring is a great option for an anniversary gift or an accessory for the Pokémon lover.  This isn’t a mass-produced item either, each ring is painstakingly crafted by hand from Johan Rust. Made to Order, the ring is sized and made specifically for the customer. Who doesn’t love a little hand-crafted jewellery? With a world-class look and classy reds and blacks, this ring accentuates the wardrobe of true Pokémon fans. If you’ve been wondering what to get that Pokémon fan in your life, stop looking, you’ve found a truly unique beautiful item! Everyone needs to know that you or your loved one is a Pokémon Master! So catch this one of a kind tribute today!