Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Bed

Got to catch ’em all, but just can’t be bothered?! Then just catch one, this incredibly comfortable Snorlax bean bag bed. The ultimate cuddly companion for Pokemon masters who just need a little nap before tackling the rest of the day.

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More about Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Bed

So you want to be a Pokemon master? Well, you’re going to need your rest before you tackle the big bad world out there. But don’t worry, we got you! We’ve located one of the rarest Pokemon on the planet. What makes him so unusual I hear you ask? He’ll actually let you sleep on him. No joke. Sure he’s the size of a mountain bear, but there’s no cause for alarm. This Snorlax (of the bean bag tribe) is actually very friendly. So friendly in fact, that he’s more than happy for you to catch some zzz’s right on his big fat belly.