Pokémon Wall Decals

Plain walls are like the crust of a PB&J, a forgettable necessary evil of modern living. If you have a little trainer at home who is obsessed with Pokémon, (Or perhaps you are too!) this massive wall decal is the perfect way to breathe a little life into those plain bedroom walls!

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More about Pokémon Wall Decals

Who doesn’t remember the bedroom they grew up in? The way our rooms looked cling to our memories bringing nostalgia and comfort. Make sure your Pokemaniac at home fondly thinks of his room by making it something he adores. These Pikachu wall decals smoothly apply to any surface and add life to the room. Basically it’s an amazing fancy sticker! Not only is it removable but these stickers are guaranteed to leave the wall clean and residue free after use. Each pack comes with a few Pokeballs, 3 Pikachu’s, the Pokémon Logo, and a Lightning Bolt. Put these on the wall and watch the room exude character. Your wee one will be thankful to have his favorite Pokémon surrounding him while he plays and grows up. Maybe one day the decorations will change, but he will always remember the little details that made his room special, and his home a home.